Architecture Example

Prompt How does traditional Indigenous design contrast and connect to your understanding of architecture and interior design? Give examples of both philosophies. ChatGPT-Generated Response Traditional Indigenous design is based on a deep connection to the natural environment and a reverence for cultural heritage and spirituality. In contrast, Western architecture and interior design have often been […]

Architecture, Art History Example

Prompt Describe three formal elements of Gothic architectural design of Chartres Cathedral. You may include elements of decorative sculptural program on the exterior and the stained glass on the interior in addition to the structural elements and floorplan. ChatGPT-Generated Response Structural elements: One of the most notable formal elements of Gothic architectural design in Chartres […]

Native American Studies Example

Prompt  What do the ‘New World’ texts like Popul Vuh and The Florentine Codex tell us about the history and aftermath of the Spanish conquest of Native American civilizations? Why is it important to preserve their history and legacy? ChatGPT-Generated Response The “New World” texts like the Popul Vuh and The Florentine Codex are valuable […]

History, African American Studies Example

Prompt How do racial divisions in nineteenth-century American culture exclude African Americans and Native Americans from American ideals of liberty and inclusion? ChatGPT-Generated Response In the 19th century, the racial divisions in American culture excluded African Americans and Native Americans from American ideals of liberty and inclusion because of the deeply ingrained beliefs in white […]

Sports, Popular Culture Example

Prompt Who is most likely to win MVP of the NBA? ChatGPT-Generated Response As an AI language model, I do not have the ability to predict the future, and the NBA MVP for this year has not yet been announced. The NBA MVP award is typically announced at the end of the regular season, so […]

Art, Art History Example

Prompt Describe how impasto brushstrokes appear ChatGPT-Generated Response Impasto is a technique in painting where the paint is applied thickly to the canvas, creating a raised and textured surface. Impasto brushstrokes are characterized by their thickness, as the paint is laid on the canvas in a manner that allows the brush or palette knife marks […]

Marketing, Business Example

Prompt After viewing the Honda commercial, discuss the MECCAS model elements and then decide what the most important elements (message elements, consumer benefits, leverage point and driving force) are, as if you are on the creative team who will market this ad. Complete the MECCAS model below. ChatGPT-Generated Response The MECCAS model is a framework […]

History Example

Prompt Answer the following question in a few short paragraphs: Was the US justified in dropping a nuclear bomb on japan toward the end of WWII? ChatGPT-Generated Response As an AI language model, I do not have personal opinions. However, the decision to use nuclear weapons on Japan in World War II remains one of […]

Sports, Sports Media, Statistics Example

Prompt Who is the best QB to play in Denver?  ChatGPT-Generated Response The best quarterback to ever play for the Denver Broncos is widely considered to be John Elway. Elway played for the Broncos for 16 seasons (1983-1998) and led the team to five Super Bowl appearances, winning two of them (Super Bowl XXXII and […]


Generative AI programs like ChatGPT are great tools for generating all sorts of responses to well-written prompts. However, while the responses they generate have a lot of solid information and are often well-written, they often do not demonstrate true knowledge or wisdom. From a novice perspective, these AI-generated responses can appear almost magical in their […]