Generative AI

To further support your exploration of the fascinating field of generative AI, we are excited to offer the Generative AI Resources page. This page contains a dynamic and evolving collection of articles, videos, and other such resources to guide your teaching practice in a way that best utilizes generative AI tools. This page also provides resources for instructor responses to potential misuse by students, as well as simple explanations of the nature of generative AI and related tools.

Generative AI Examples

In order to understand Generative AI better, we have provided some prompts and responses generated by ChatGPT. Notice first how each response appears at a surface level to present a solid and credible response. Next, dig deeper and read the expert analysis to see where the AI-generated response may be flawed or incomplete.

Generative AI Taskforce (GAIT)

Recommendations & Syllabus Suggestions

  1. Provost’s decision on generative AI in syllabus and course information
  2. Generative AI Syllabus Language and Considerations

Pedagogy and AI

For the articles below, we delve into the pedagogical uses of generative AI, particularly ChatGPT, and provide general best practices for incorporating this technology into teaching and learning contexts, as well as issues to be aware of.