Use Different View Options in the Gradebook

Last updated on October 19, 2021

With View options in the Canvas Gradebook, you can organize and view the information in the Gradebook in any way that you prefer.


  1. Go to MSU Denver’s Faculty and Staff Hub.
  2. Click Canvas in the Teaching & Learning section.
  3. Log in to your Canvas Account.
  4. Select the Course you’d like to work in.
  5. Click Grades on the navigation menu on the left side of the page.
  6. Click View at the top of the Gradebook to view the different options listed below.
    • Arrange By lets you rearrange the information in your Gradebook.
      1. Hover your mouse over Arrange By in the drop-down menu that appears.
      2. Click any of the Options (e.g. Default Order, Assignment Name A-Z, Due Date – Oldest to Newest) listed in the second drop-down menu to adjust your view of the Gradebook. 
    • Filters enable you to easily view only certain assignment groups, modules, or students/groups at one time.
      1. Hover your mouse over Filters in the drop-down menu that appears.
      2. Select the Type of filter you would like to use.
        • Assignment Groups: Filter the Gradebook by assignment group.
        • Modules: Filter the Gradebook by modules.
        • Student Groups: Filter the Gradebook by different groups in your course.
      3. Click the new Drop-Down Menu that appears above the Gradebook to select the specific group/module you would like to view.
      4. To remove any of the above filters: 
        1. Click View at the top of the Gradebook.
        2. Hover over Filters in the Drop-Down menu that appears.
        3. Click on the Filter That Is Checked to remove it.
    • Statuses: Statuses allow you to color-code your Gradebook so you can easily identify late, missing, resubmitted, dropped, or excused grades.
      1. Click Statuses in the drop-down menu that appears.
      2. Click on the More Options Menu (three vertical dots) to the right of the items in the list (e.g. Late).
      3. Select Color to highlight these types of grades in your Gradebook.
        • Note: For example, if you select orange for Late, late assignments will be color-coded in orange in your Gradebook.
      4. Click Apply.
    • Columns: Columns allow you to add a notes column so you can provide written feedback to students about their grades. This feature also allows you to add unpublished assignments to the Gradebook.
      1. Click Notes below Columns. A new Notes column will be added to the beginning of the Gradebook.
      2. Click in the Cell below the New Notes Column to the right of a student’s name to type a note. 
      3. Check or Uncheck Unpublished Assignments below Columns to show or hide unpublished assignments in the Gradebook