How do I move my Blackboard course over to Canvas?

Previous Blackboard content was migrated into Canvas by K16 Solutions in 2020. Before requesting a Blackboard archive, check to see if the course is located within Canvas: Select Courses in the blue, left-hand side Canvas menu. Select All Courses from the bottom of the Courses menu. Courses migrated from Blackboard will start with “K16” and […]

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Update Your Course for the New Term

As an instructor preparing your course for a new term, you may find yourself balancing several different tasks at once. Even with existing course content from a previous term, you will still need to customize and make changes to content, due dates, and in some cases, technology, to keep your course relevant for a new […]

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Adjust Due Dates for All Assignments

If you need to update or adjust assignment dates in course content that you’ve copied from a previous term or another instructor, Canvas has a tool, Edit Assignment Dates, that enables you to adjust all assignment due dates from one location. Once you edit your assignment dates on this page, your syllabus, assignments, and gradebook […]

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Finalize Your Course for End of Semester

Finalize Your Canvas Course and Prepare for the Next Semester The end of a semester can be a stressful time for you and your students. Looming deadlines and preparations for the coming semester can be challenging. This Canvas spotlight will cover some end-of-the-semester housekeeping functions in Canvas that you can use to bring your course […]

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How do I submit final grades?

At the end of each semester, you will need to formally submit the final grade each student in your class earned, for each class you taught. The gradebook in Canvas is an effective tool for tracking student grades, but once the class has concluded, you will need to enter that data into Banner, the data-management […]

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Set Up Hypothesis Documents and Assignments in Canvas

In your course, you may want students to review a document and annotate it to show their understanding and interpretation of the material. This can be done collaboratively in Canvas through the third-party tool, Hypothesis. This tool enables students to review a PDF or web page, leave annotations and comments on it, and view and […]

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Use Hypothesis for Collaborative Annotations on Documents in Canvas

Create documents that you and your students can annotate together Reading is often an essential pedagogical tool to engage, inform, and empower learning for students. The problem is often, how can you get your students to read more? The time has come to consider using social annotation to promote critical thinking, community, and create a […]

New Quizzes

Add Images to Questions in New Quizzes

Note: This tutorial is currently being updated. In the meantime, the video contains instructions for both Classic and New Quizzes. Adding images to a quiz question can help visually illustrate the concept, activate student knowledge, and improve student engagement. This tutorial describes how to use the Rich Content Editor to add images to your quiz […]

Grading New Quizzes

Add Feedback in New Quizzes

Note: This tutorial is currently being updated. In the meantime, the video contains instructions for both Classic and New Quizzes. Canvas provides a multitude of assessment tools that allow for feedback on both the student and instructor end. One of these tools is the quizzes function which allows you to create multiple choice, true/false, and essay […]

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Add Time or Additional Attempts to a New Quiz for a Specific Student

Note: This tutorial is currently being updated. The content is accurate. The video for New Quizzes will be added soon. An accommodation is a change to the learning environment or conditions to better help a certain student learn. Once you have set up your quiz in Canvas, including the allowed time for all students, you […]