Canvas Spotlight

Incorporate Accessible Principles in Your Courses

Imagine you’re cultivating a garden. You’ve planted vegetables, herbs, and flowers of all kinds. Most of them seem to be doing very well, but some are struggling to grow and thrive. Rather than scold the plant for failing to grow, you would instead want to understand why it was struggling. Too little sun? Too much […]

Accessibility New Quizzes

Add Time or Additional Attempts to a New Quiz for a Specific Student

Note: This tutorial is currently being updated. The content is accurate. The video for New Quizzes will be added soon. An accommodation is a change to the learning environment or conditions to better help a certain student learn. Once you have set up your quiz in Canvas, including the allowed time for all students, you […]

Accessibility Communication Lectures Videos

Upload a MS Teams Recording to YuJa and Generate Auto-Captions

When you record a meeting in Teams, that recording is automatically available to all of the members of that team. Unfortunately, Teams does not generate auto-captions for recordings and it does not support embedding them in a Canvas course. Resolving this is simple, but it requires a few extra steps. Uploading the videos to YuJa […]

Accessibility Quizzes/Tests

Add Time or Extra Attempts to a Classic Quiz for a Specific Student

Additional time on a quiz is often something required by accommodations or other conditions. Once you have set up your quiz in Canvas, including the allowed time for all students, you can easily change that time requirement for select students without editing the rest of the class. Note that in Classic Quizzes, you can only […]

Communication Lectures Videos

Embed Videos from YuJa

Sometimes the best way to reach your students is with a video from you, their instructor. You can easily embed videos from YuJa anywhere the Rich Content Editor box and toolbar appears in Canvas. There are two ways to approach the embedding of a YuJa video. One begins within YuJa and the other stays entirely […]


Use the Canvas Accessibility Checker

The Accessibility Checker is a tool within Canvas that can assess the accessibility of content created in the Rich Content Editor. This guide will show you how to use the Accessibility Checker as well as the gaps in the assessment. Directions Using the Accessibility Checker Click the Accessibility Icon below the right corner of the […]

Accessibility Lectures Videos

Edit Auto-Captions on YuJa Videos

Videos uploaded to YuJa receive automatic captions, though it may take a few hours for them to appear after processing. This is an excellent feature which will save you lots of time! However, not all of the captions will be accurate- it’s a computer and cannot know your exact vocab or speech perfectly. Thankfully, editing […]


Add Alt Text to an Image in Canvas

Before reading this guide, be sure to familiarize yourself with Accessibility Basics and Best Practices for Images and Alternative Text. Alternative text (alt text) is an important component for any image you use in your course to ensure that students using screen readers have the same understanding of an image as they would visually. It is […]

Canvas Tools Readings/Content

Convert Files (PPT, PDF, Word) to Canvas Pages

Using Pages is the best way to distribute material within Canvas. Pages are built to work with web browsers, so they display better and cooperate with multiple platforms (different browsers, different device types, etc.) better than downloadable files. Another advantage is the ability to edit Pages right in Canvas. So if you need to update […]


Insert Images using the Rich Content Editor

Images within a page, assignment, discussion, or quiz create a dynamic and engaging visual for students. Images are also a crucial component of visual learning. Note: The Rich Content Editor is used throughout Canvas; Announcements, Assignments, Discussions, Pages, Quizzes, and Syllabus all feature large text boxes with a tool bar across the top where text and […]