Canvas Spotlight

Improve Student Engagement Using the Rich Content Editor

Creating content and readings for students is a fundamental way to provide information and context for your course. When teaching online, you should ensure the content you provide is engaging and complete for students to go through on their own. In Canvas, there are myriad tools you can use, and one of the most essential […]

Communication Lectures Videos

Embed Videos from YuJa

Sometimes the best way to reach your students is with a video from you, their instructor. You can easily embed videos from YuJa anywhere the Rich Content Editor box and toolbar appears in Canvas. There are two ways to approach the embedding of a YuJa video. One begins within YuJa and the other stays entirely […]


Embed a Video on a Page

Videos can be a great way to get complex ideas or concepts across to your students. This tutorial describes how to embed a video, such as a YouTube video, on a Canvas page. Using pages provides a wonderful opportunity to include some much-needed context around your video in the form of an introductory paragraph (gain […]