Why can’t students see the content I created?

All content in Canvas must be published and placed in a published module to be viewed by students.  You can find instructions on adding items to modules in our Add Items to Modules tutorial. Once the item is added, check that both it and the module are published. There should be a green check mark […]

Blueprint Readings/Content Ready Set Go

Blueprint: Sample Module Overview

The Blueprint sample module was designed to provide a foundation or organizational structure to customize and use in your course, if you wish. You can edit the Blueprint sample module provided in your new course shell with your own course content to make navigation easy for your students. The sample module includes templates for the […]

Modules Readings/Content

Add Content to Modules

Modules are an excellent way to organize your online course. After you have created a Module, you can add content, such as assignments, pages, discussions, quizzes, files, and resources from external tools, to the Module. Consider whether you want to create modules based on week, unit, theme, or some other method. Note: Follow the steps below […]