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Overview Have you ever sat in a classroom or a Teams call that featured a presentation that was littered with gimmicky transitions and images or graphics that had nothing to do with the content? How about sitting through a 45-minute video lecture that really only had about 15 minutes worth of relevant content? As viewers, […]


Why is the assignment I deleted from my module still showing up in Gradebook?

Modules are a fundamental building block and the main organizational unit of a Canvas course. They enable an instructor to organize the course content by week or by topic, for example, and to build each new concept on what a student has previously learned. This organization makes the course easier for a student to navigate. […]


How do I copy a Canvas course?

Please see our Copy a Canvas Course spotlight for step-by-step directions for copying your Canvas course.

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Voiceover PowerPoints

Tools: Yuja and PowerPoint PowerPoint has the potential to be a powerful instructional tool for conveying information and teaching content. However, PowerPoints that live on their own without any context are less useful for learning. PowerPoints are most useful as a supplementary tool alongside input and context from the instructor. It would be tough to […]

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Scan Documents with Adobe Scan Mobile App

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to scan documents and get them into your course, have a look at the Adobe Scan app! Directions


Edit an Existing Page in Canvas

You can always go back and edit a Page that was created in Canvas. This is especially helpful if you plan on making the most of the Sample module that is provided in your shell but is also good for updating information or correcting errors throughout the course Pages. Directions Go to MSU Denver’s Faculty and Staff […]

Readings/Content Ready Set Go

Create and Edit a Canvas Page

Pages in Canvas create a visually dynamic and editable place to present your lectures, videos, and content. If you currently have documents to direct students on what to do within your course, consider creating a page instead. Pages within Canvas are an ideal solution to presenting information for students to view. Pages can be easily […]

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Record a MS Teams Meeting on Mobile

Recording your meetings in Teams can create a helpful resource for you and your students. Your students can refer back to a lecture when studying for a test, for instance, or an absent student can watch the recording of a class that they weren’t able to attend. Fortunately, recording a meeting in Teams is a […]

Canvas Tools

Use HTML to Edit Content in Canvas

While the Rich Content Editor is a quick and easy way to edit content in Canvas, you have the option to edit the content using HTML, as well. To do so, follow the steps below. Directions

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Copy Information from a File into a Canvas Page

When distributing files to students in a Canvas course, you have several options. The best option in most cases is to simply copy information from the file into a Canvas page. This promotes maximum compatibility with different devices and accessibility software, but may need some additional formatting to display correctly Another benefit is the ability […]