Why is the assignment I deleted from my module still showing up in Gradebook?

Modules are a fundamental building block and the main organizational unit of a Canvas course. They enable an instructor to organize the course content by week or by topic, for example, and to build each new concept on what a student has previously learned. This organization makes the course easier for a student to navigate. […]

Communication Group Work/Collaboration Lectures

Integrate Microsoft Teams in Canvas

Microsoft Teams is a tool for collaboration and communication. You can use Teams to hold synchronous virtual sessions with your students. Using Teams to hold synchronous sessions can be helpful for delivering lectures and facilitating student collaboration or discussion. This tutorial describes how to schedule and share a Microsoft Teams meeting from within a Canvas […]

Assignments Grading Integrated Apps Videos

Use GoReact to Provide Feedback on Videos

GoReact is a tool for providing feedback on videos. Students can record media and receive feedback from their teacher or critique a media piece using time-stamped comments. Consider asking students to act out a scene from literature, record a mini-lesson about the course content, or demonstrate a performance-based skill. This tutorial describes how to integrate […]

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Use Unicheck to Check for Plagiarism

Unicheck is a Canvas-integrated software that can review text submissions from students for plagiarism. You can use Unicheck to ensure academic integrity in your course in the same way you may have used SafeAssign in Blackboard. Activating Unicheck is done on a per-assignment basis and is easy to do while creating the assignment. Directions Integrate […]