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Set Up a GoReact Assignment in Canvas

Multimedia assignments can be a great way to test students’ skills and knowledge. Providing them as an option also gives students greater flexibility to engage with your course through a medium they are comfortable and familiar with. GoReact is an excellent tool to facilitate your students’ creation of multimedia. GoReact can be used easily on […]


Use the Canvas Audio/Video Recorder

Students benefit from opportunities to demonstrate mastery of your course’s content in a variety of mediums. Multimedia submissions are a fantastic way to offer learners the means to do this in a dynamic and personalized way. The Canvas Audio/Video Recorder is a tool students can use to record themselves in order to submit an assignment. […]

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Upload a MS Teams Recording to YuJa and Generate Auto-Captions

When you record a meeting in Teams, that recording is automatically available to all of the members of that team. Unfortunately, Teams does not generate auto-captions for recordings and it does not support embedding them in a Canvas course. Resolving this is simple, but it requires a few extra steps. Uploading the videos to YuJa […]

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Record a Meeting in MS Teams

Recording your meetings in Teams can create a helpful resource for you and your students. Your students can refer back to a lecture when studying for a test, for instance, or an absent student can watch the recording of a class that they weren’t able to attend. Fortunately, recording a meeting in Teams is a […]

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Use GoReact to Provide Feedback on Videos

GoReact is a tool for providing feedback on videos. Students can record media and receive feedback from their teacher or critique a media piece using time-stamped comments. Consider asking students to act out a scene from literature, record a mini-lesson about the course content, or demonstrate a performance-based skill. This tutorial describes how to integrate […]