Canvas Spotlight

Incorporate YuJa Into Your Canvas Course

Like Frankenstein needed electricity to bring his creation alive, we too need to energize our content to bring it to life. No matter how fascinating a subject material is, it’s your unique presence as an instructor and use of multimedia that makes it appealing, relevant, and genuine. As our world continues adjusting to online learning […]


How can I digitize media for my course?

If you are looking to digitize media (films, television shows, musical recordings, etc.) for use in your course, please contact the ITS Help Desk. ITS provides this service to MSU Denver faculty. Once your media has been digitized and uploaded to your YuJa account by ITS, the CTLD support team can help you add it […]

Accessibility Communication Lectures Videos

Upload a MS Teams Recording to YuJa and Generate Auto-Captions

When you record a meeting in Teams, that recording is automatically available to all of the members of that team. Unfortunately, Teams does not generate auto-captions for recordings and it does not support embedding them in a Canvas course. Resolving this is simple, but it requires a few extra steps. Uploading the videos to YuJa […]


Upload Files to Canvas

Canvas stores course files for easy access and deployment within Canvas. Files stored within courses can be linked and attached multiple times in many places throughout Canvas, from assignments to discussions to pages. Using the Files section in your Canvas course will help you keep your files organized and ready to be placed throughout the course. […]