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Record a Teams Meeting and Share It with Your Students

Microsoft Teams is a great tool for synchronous meetings with your online class. It’s easy to set up a recurring meeting and invite your students, but it’s not always easy for every student to attend every class. This is particularly likely when an in-person class moves online in the event of campus closure, for example […]

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Create Seating Charts in Canvas

The Roll Call feature in Canvas includes a tool you can use to create seating charts and share them with others. You can use this feature to comply with the Fall 2021 requirement that in-person instructors create and submit seating charts of their class; this is to facilitate contact tracing in the event of COVID-19 […]

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Upload a MS Teams Recording to YuJa and Generate Auto-Captions

When you record a meeting in Teams, that recording is automatically available to all of the members of that team. Unfortunately, Teams does not generate auto-captions for recordings and it does not support embedding them in a Canvas course. Resolving this is simple, but it requires a few extra steps. Uploading the videos to YuJa […]

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Record a Meeting in MS Teams

Recording your meetings in Teams can create a helpful resource for you and your students. Your students can refer back to a lecture when studying for a test, for instance, or an absent student can watch the recording of a class that they weren’t able to attend. Fortunately, recording a meeting in Teams is a […]