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Course Showcase – SOC 1300 – Asia in Global Perspective

One of our primary goals at the Center for Teaching, Learning and Design is to build courses that create engaging, interesting, and inspiring online classroom experiences for students. During our Spring 2023 development cycle, we collaborated with Dr. Ting Jiang to create a new course, Asia in Global Perspective, for their proposed new Asian Studies […]

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Set Up a GoReact Assignment in Canvas

Multimedia assignments can be a great way to test students’ skills and knowledge. Providing them as an option also gives students greater flexibility to engage with your course through a medium they are comfortable and familiar with. GoReact is an excellent tool to facilitate your students’ creation of multimedia. GoReact can be used easily on […]

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Multimedia Assignments

What if your favorite restaurant only prepared and served one dish, regardless of the time or occasion? No matter the quality of the dish, the expertise of the chef, or type of cuisine, all parties involved will eventually find themselves disinterested and unengaged from the food.  Maybe worse than becoming disinterested in your favorite restaurant […]