Readings/Content Self-Help Tutorials

Display a File in a Canvas Page

In an online course, you’ll often encounter situations where you need to share files with students, such as PDFs, Word documents, Powerpoints, or Excel spreadsheets. In these situations, you can display the file in a page in Canvas and include text before it to establish context, such as directions for its use or an explanation […]

Generative AI Tutorials

Use Microsoft Copilot

Generative AI is a powerful new technology with many applications for teaching and learning. However, its daunting for some educators to dive into a novel technology that can be used inappropriately, especially in an educational context. While it might be a little intimidating at first, its well worth exploring, both to see how it can […]


Upgrade Your Course with the MSU Denver Blueprint

The Canvas Blueprint serves as the foundational structure for all online course shells at MSU Denver, aimed at ensuring consistency and quality. If you’ve taught online since we transitioned to Canvas, chances are you’re familiar with the Blueprint, though it has been updated since the first iteration. This current version of the Blueprint features streamlined […]


Create a Discussion with Multiple Due Dates

One way to increase the value of Discussions in your course is to require that students participate in the discussion more than once. For example, you can have students respond to a prompt in their first post and then reply to a classmate several days later. While Canvas doesn’t have a built-in feature to assign […]

Assignments Group Work/Collaboration Integrated Apps Self-Help Tutorials

Set Up a GoReact Assignment in Canvas

Multimedia assignments can be a great way to test students’ skills and knowledge. Providing them as an option also gives students greater flexibility to engage with your course through a medium they are comfortable and familiar with. GoReact is an excellent tool to facilitate your students’ creation of multimedia. GoReact can be used easily on […]


Use the Canvas Audio/Video Recorder

Students benefit from opportunities to demonstrate mastery of your course’s content in a variety of mediums. Multimedia submissions are a fantastic way to offer learners the means to do this in a dynamic and personalized way. The Canvas Audio/Video Recorder is a tool students can use to record themselves in order to submit an assignment. […]

Generative AI Tutorials Self-Help Tutorials

Get Started with Google Bard

Google Bard is Google’s version of an artificial-intelligence chatbot. Users can interact with Google Bard by entering questions or prompts into a text field and receive human-like responses. Google Bard was designed as a writing assistant and is best used for prompts that require text responses, though it is still under development and may be […]

Generative AI Tutorials Self-Help Tutorials

Get Started with ChatGPT

ChatGPT is an artificial-intelligence chatbot that users can engage with for assistance, conversation, or answers to complex inquiries. It is a powerful tool that can create human-like responses to a wide variety of prompts and questions. This tutorial covers how to sign up, log in, and enter a prompt using ChatGPT. To learn more about […]


Create an Email List for Your Canvas Course

Canvas has a robust messaging system built into the LMS, but if you prefer to communicate with your students via email, you can use Canvas to generate an email list. You can do this by exporting your gradebook as a spreadsheet and then copying all of the emails at once. This process also excludes students […]

Canvas Tools Quizzes/Tests

Turn a Classic Quiz into a Question Bank

Question Banks are an excellent tool to use when creating Classic Quizzes. You can add questions to a bank, edit them if you like, and then add them to any Classic Quiz. You can use Question Banks to reuse questions and set up randomized pools of questions, for example. You may want to add several […]