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Set Up Hypothesis Documents and Assignments in Canvas

In your course, you may want students to review a document and annotate it to show their understanding and interpretation of the material. This can be done collaboratively in Canvas through the third-party tool, Hypothesis. This tool enables students to review a PDF or web page, leave annotations and comments on it, and view and […]

Assignments Group Work/Collaboration Integrated Apps

Use Hypothesis is an app within Canvas that lets your students participate in social reading by collaboratively annotating course readings. By enabling students and faculty to add comments and start conversations in the margins of course documents, the Hypothesis app brings class discussions directly to the course content. Collaborative annotation engages students more deeply in course […]

Grading Ready Set Go

Use SpeedGrader in Canvas

SpeedGrader is a built-in Canvas tool that allows you to easily view and grade individual and group work. This feature can help you save time, stay organized, and quickly provide feedback to your students. Although you can access SpeedGrader by clicking on individual quizzes, assignments, and graded discussions, this tutorial describes how to use SpeedGrader […]