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Set Up a GoReact Assignment in Canvas

Multimedia assignments can be a great way to test students’ skills and knowledge. Providing them as an option also gives students greater flexibility to engage with your course through a medium they are comfortable and familiar with. GoReact is an excellent tool to facilitate your students’ creation of multimedia. GoReact can be used easily on […]

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Set Up Hypothesis Documents and Assignments in Canvas

In your course, you may want students to review a document and annotate it to show their understanding and interpretation of the material. This can be done collaboratively in Canvas through the third-party tool, Hypothesis. This tool enables students to review a PDF or web page, leave annotations and comments on it, and view and […]

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Upload and Share Files Using OneDrive

OneDrive is a cloud storage service from Microsoft. It is available to all MSU Denver staff, faculty, and students. This platform can be used to create, upload, store, edit, and share single or multiple files such as Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PDF’s, and PowerPoint presentations. Files or folders stored in OneDrive can be shared with […]

Assignments Group Work/Collaboration Integrated Apps

Use Hypothesis

For the most up to date tutorial on using Hypothesis in your course, please see our Canvas Spotlight Use Hypothesis for Collaborative Annotations on Documents in Canvas.

Group Work/Collaboration

Use Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive may be the least obvious solution but can be effective in providing your students with the materials they need to complete group activities. Due to its “shared” nature, your students can easily collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, or presentations within OneDrive. Directions Create a Shared Folder for Students to Access Go to Faculty and Staff […]

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Set Up Small Group Discussions

You can use the Canvas Group Discussions feature to create identical discussion topics for different groups in your class. Students will only be able to see posts from other members of their group. Consider using this feature to group students by interest, create a more intimate environment by reducing the discussion group size, or implement […]

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Create a Discussion in Canvas

Canvas provides many opportunities for student interaction and feedback. Among these is a discussion tool that allows students to interact with each other in a forum using the Rich Content Editor. You may then provide feedback or grades to each discussion post. Directions Go to MSU Denver’s Faculty and Staff Hub. Click Canvas in the Teaching & Learning section. Log […]

Group Work/Collaboration

Create Groups in Canvas

Canvas makes it easy to create small and large groups of students for projects, assignments, discussions and more! Groups can also increase student to student interactivity and engagement in your online course. Directions To Automatically Assign Self Sign-Up To Create Groups and Allow Self Sign-Up To Create Groups Manually without Student Self-Sign Ups

Assignments Group Work/Collaboration

Create a Group Assignment

You can use the Canvas Group Assignments feature to easily assign and grade collaborative assignments. Imagine students working together to complete a virtual lab; research a question and write a group paper; hold and record a video discussion; act out a scene from literature or history; produce a group presentation; or create a digital media […]

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Assign Peer Reviews for Assignments

Canvas has many tools that allow for student interaction and feedback. Among these is a peer review tool that allows students to view and grade each other’s work. You may assign students one or several of their peers’ submissions to grade and give feedback on. Note: You do not need to have a rubric associated […]