Assignments Grading Group Work/Collaboration

Assign Peer Reviews for Assignments

Last updated on January 23, 2024

Canvas has many tools that allow for student interaction and feedback. Among these is a peer review tool that allows students to view and grade each other’s work. You may assign students one or several of their peers’ submissions to grade and give feedback on.

Note: You do not need to have a rubric associated with the assignment to assign peer review, but if your assignment does have a rubric, the peer review will be incomplete if a student does not fill out the assignment rubric for their review. For more information on how to create a rubric, refer to the “Create a Rubric in Canvas” tutorial.


  1. Go to MSU Denver’s Faculty and Staff Hub.
  2. Click Canvas in the Teaching & Learning section.
  3. Log in to your Canvas Account.
  4. Select the Course you’d like to work in. 
  5. Click Modules on the course navigation menu to the left.
  6. Scroll to the Module you’d like to add an assignment to.
  7. Click the + Button next to the name of the Module.
  8. Select Assignment from the drop-down menu.
  9. Click [New Assignment].
  10. Type a Title for your assignment in the Assignment Name box.
  11. Click Add Item.
  12. Click the Name of the assignment you created.
  13. Click Edit.
  14. Type Instructions and Additional Information in the second, larger input box.
    • Note: You can also add links, images, videos, and other resources in this section. To learn more, visit the “Use the Rich Content Editor” tutorial.
  15. Scroll down to the Peer Reviews section. 
  16. Click the Require Peer Reviews checkbox.
  17. Select one of the following peer review Assignment Options:
    1. Manually Assign Peer Review 
      1. Click Save.
      2. Click Peer Reviews in the upper right, below Related Items; a class list should appear.
      3. Click Give [Student Name] Another Submission to Assess.
      4. Find Student Name in Drop-Down Menu.
      5. Click Add.
    2. Automatically Assign Peer Review
      1. Enter a Number in the Reviews Per User section.
      2. Enter an Assignment Date.
      3. Click Save.