Communication Group Work/Collaboration

Upload and Share Files Using OneDrive

OneDrive is a cloud storage service from Microsoft. It is available to all MSU Denver staff, faculty, and students. This platform can be used to create, upload, store, edit, and share single or multiple files such as Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PDF’s, and PowerPoint presentations. Files or folders stored in OneDrive can be shared with […]

Group Work/Collaboration - Mobile

Download OneDrive for Mobile Devices

If you wish to add and share files through OneDrive on your mobile phone, you will want to download the OneDrive mobile app. The steps below outline where to get the app and how to get it set up. Directions The first step is to go to the correct app store for your particular device: You should […]

Group Work/Collaboration

Use Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive may be the least obvious solution but can be effective in providing your students with the materials they need to complete group activities. Due to its “shared” nature, your students can easily collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, or presentations within OneDrive. Directions Create a Shared Folder for Students to Access Go to Faculty and Staff […]