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Canvas Spotlight: Canvas Mobile App

Advancements in technology promise to streamline our lives, sparing us time, energy, and effort. However, the quest for a universal tool for every job remains unfulfilled. Consider the Swiss army knife: armed with merely a screwdriver, scissors, and bottle opener, it is hardly a contender for house-building. Yet, its utility for unforeseen, minor tasks has […]

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Add Channels to an MS Team from a Mobile Device

MS Teams channels are a great way to organize group work or projects for your students. Channels are a place to have synchronous meetings, have asynchronous conversations, and share files easily. If your course uses group projects, having a team channel for each project group can create a space for groups to have meetings and […]

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Download OneDrive for Mobile Devices

If you wish to add and share files through OneDrive on your mobile phone, you will want to download the OneDrive mobile app. The steps below outline where to get the app and how to get it set up. Directions The first step is to go to the correct app store for your particular device: You should […]