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Incorporate YuJa Into Your Canvas Course

Like Frankenstein needed electricity to bring his creation alive, we too need to energize our content to bring it to life. No matter how fascinating a subject material is, it’s your unique presence as an instructor and use of multimedia that makes it appealing, relevant, and genuine. As our world continues adjusting to online learning […]


How do I prevent students from editing their discussion replies?

By default, all replies a student posts in a Discussion in Canvas can be edited or deleted by that student. You can disable this feature, if you like, on a class-wide basis. This can be done to ensure greater academic integrity in your course, as a student cannot post an incomplete reply and then revise […]

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Set Up Hypothesis Documents and Assignments in Canvas

In your course, you may want students to review a document and annotate it to show their understanding and interpretation of the material. This can be done collaboratively in Canvas through the third-party tool, Hypothesis. This tool enables students to review a PDF or web page, leave annotations and comments on it, and view and […]


Edit an Existing Page in Canvas

You can always go back and edit a Page that was created in Canvas. This is especially helpful if you plan on making the most of the Sample module that is provided in your shell but is also good for updating information or correcting errors throughout the course Pages. Directions Go to MSU Denver’s Faculty and Staff […]


Edit Existing Assignments

You can easily edit your existing assignments to change the title and instructions, or to adjust settings such as the point value, due date, and accepted submission types. Editing assignments helps keep them up-to-date and lets you add additional resources and examples as you come across them. Directions Go to MSU Denver’s Faculty and Staff Hub. Click Canvas in […]