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Display a File in a Canvas Page

In an online course, you’ll often encounter situations where you need to share files with students, such as PDFs, Word documents, Powerpoints, or Excel spreadsheets. In these situations, you can display the file in a page in Canvas and include text before it to establish context, such as directions for its use or an explanation […]

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Create A Dynamic Home Page

“You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.” We’ve heard this saying time and time again, but isn’t that the point of a book cover? First impressions matter whether you’re choosing a new book or signing in to an online course for the first time. By creating a dynamic home page, you can engage students […]


Convert an HTML File to a Page

When a course is imported from Blackboard to Canvas, the content is formatted as HTML files. Converting these HTML files to Canvas Pages increases the functionality and visual appeal of the content. For example, unlike an HTML file, a Page can easily be edited from within Canvas (no downloading and re-uploading necessary), and your content […]

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Create and Edit a Canvas Page

Pages in Canvas create a visually dynamic and editable place to present your lectures, videos, and content. If you currently have documents to direct students on what to do within your course, consider creating a page instead. Pages within Canvas are an ideal solution to presenting information for students to view. Pages can be easily […]