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Create a Page in Canvas

Last updated on December 10, 2021

Pages within Canvas create a visually dynamic and editable place to present your lectures, videos, and content. If you currently have documents to direct students on what to do within your course, consider creating a page instead. Pages within Canvas are an ideal solution to uploading document after document for students to view.

Pages can be easily placed within modules to create an efficient and engaging interaction for students. They can also be assigned as a to-do item for students.


  1. Go to MSU Denver’s Faculty and Staff Hub.
  2. Click Canvas in the Teaching & Learning section.
  3. Log in to your Canvas Account.
  4. Select the Course you’d like to work in.
  5. Click Modules on the course navigation menu to the left.
  6. Scroll to the Module to which you’d like to add a Page.
  7. Click the + Button next to the name of the Module.
  8. Select Page from the drop-down menu.
  9. Select [New Page].
  10. Type a Name for the Page in the Page Name box.
  11. Click Add Item.
  12. Click the Name of the Page you created in the module.
  13. Click Edit.
  14. Type the Text in the second, larger box.
    • Note: You can add images, videos, links, and more to your page.
    • Refer to the Use Rich Content Editor tutorials for information on adding, editing, and formatting content on a Canvas page.
  15. Select the desired Options:
    • Select Who Can Edit the Page from the drop-down menu. This can be used to create pages that your students can collaborate on.
    • Select whether the page is Included for Student To-Do. This will add the page to students’ to-do lists and to the Course Summary.
  16. Click Save.