Where is the course summary and calendar in my syllabus?

On your Syllabus in Canvas, there is a list of assignments and due dates at the bottom of the page. In the top right-hand corner, there’s also a calendar showing the same information. If you’re not seeing these things in your syllabus, they have likely been disabled. To enable the Course Summary and Calendar in […]

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Prerequisites, Requirements, and Locking in Canvas Modules

Guide student progression in your Canvas course A successful Canvas course typically involves a great deal of content for your students to navigate. Establishing the order in which you wish your students to progress through the course and then defining prerequisites, requirements and timeframes for that progression can help students understand your expectations and stay […]


Lock a Module Until a Certain Date and Time

In your online course, you may have modules set up for students to progress through sequentially. If you don’t want students to work ahead of your scheduled content, you can lock modules until certain dates, for instance at the start of each week. You could also simply leave all future modules unpublished and publish them […]

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Use the Syllabus Tool

The Canvas Syllabus is a convenient location to provide a course description, materials list, and other important information. The Syllabus page also includes a calendar and a Course Summary section, which automatically lists assignments and due dates. Directions Go to MSU Denver’s Faculty and Staff Hub. Click Canvas in the Teaching & Learning section. Log in to your Canvas Account. Select the Course you’d […]