Where is the course summary and calendar in my syllabus?

On your Syllabus in Canvas, there is a list of assignments and due dates at the bottom of the page. In the top right-hand corner, there’s also a calendar showing the same information. If you’re not seeing these things in your syllabus, they have likely been disabled. To enable the Course Summary and Calendar in […]

Canvas Spotlight

Best Practices for Holding Virtual Office Hours

Connect Virtually with Students Outside of Class Time Office hours are key resources for your students to seek additional help and instruction. In-person office hours are a time-tested system, and these benefits carry forward when you provide an equivalent virtual experience. For a small investment of time and effort to set up a virtual office […]

Canvas Tools

Integrate Canvas Calendar Feed into Outlook Calendar

The native calendar tool in Canvas will automatically update with due dates you have created for quizzes, assignments, and discussions. This is a helpful tool for tracking and viewing due dates all in one place. You may, however, prefer to use the Outlook calendar, which automatically updates with all your Teams meetings and event invites […]