Where is the course summary and calendar in my syllabus?

On your Syllabus in Canvas, there is a list of assignments and due dates at the bottom of the page. In the top right-hand corner, there’s also a calendar showing the same information. If you’re not seeing these things in your syllabus, they have likely been disabled. To enable the Course Summary and Calendar in […]


Add Prerequisites & Requirements to Modules

As an instructor, you may find it useful to populate your course with all necessary materials and create modules prior to beginning the course. This will allow for a more streamlined course and less work for you later on, but it also has the potential to allow students to work ahead, or out of order. […]


Create an Assignment with a Due Date

Canvas allows you to set a due date for assignments that will automatically populate the Canvas calendar, the course summary (found on the Syllabus), and the to-do list in the student sidebar. This helps students stay organized and keep track of their assignments. You can choose to not allow submissions after the due date or […]

Canvas Tools

Create a PDF or Word Version of a Canvas Page or Syllabus

This tutorial describes how to create a PDF version of a Canvas page and save it to your computer. This process can be used to save and/or print important information from the Syllabus tool or from pages such as the Overview and Course Grading Policy pages. The first method described below is easier, but you […]

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Use the Syllabus Tool

The Canvas Syllabus is a convenient location to provide a course description, materials list, and other important information. The Syllabus page also includes a calendar and a Course Summary section, which automatically lists assignments and due dates. Directions Go to MSU Denver’s Faculty and Staff Hub. Click Canvas in the Teaching & Learning section. Log in to your Canvas Account. Select the Course you’d […]