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Course Showcase – GWS 1001- Support for Beginning Students

Know thyself (γνῶθι σεαυτόν) is an ancient Greek maxim. It speaks to the importance of analysis of self and the connections made with others. When designing a course, it is equally important to know thine audience. Is the course for learners new to higher ed? Is it a capstone project? Will it fit the lives […]


Why are Assignments hidden in Canvas?

By default, your course shell should have Assignments, Quizzes, Pages, Discussions, and Files disabled, or hidden, from student view. Even disabled, these are available to you and act as repositories for any content you add to your course. Some instructors have expressed an interest in enabling them for students to navigate. CTLD strongly advises against […]

Modules Navigating Canvas Ready Set Go

Add, Move, Edit, & Delete Modules

Modules serve as distinct sections of your course, and can be organized by unit, theme, week, or any method you choose for organization. During your course, you may find the need to rearrange, add, edit, or remove a module altogether to keep the content updated and correct. Note: The course shell provided to you will be […]

Modules Navigating Canvas

Add Sections in Modules

You can add a simple text header to your Module for organizational or informational purposes. Directions: It is also recommended that you indent module items in module sections accordingly using the following steps:


Add Prerequisites & Requirements to Modules

As an instructor, you may find it useful to populate your course with all necessary materials and create modules prior to beginning the course. This will allow for a more streamlined course and less work for you later on, but it also has the potential to allow students to work ahead, or out of order. […]

Canvas Tools

Use the Calendar in Canvas

The Calendar feature in Canvas is a great way to view meetings, events, and assignments for every class, all at once. It also allows you to easily move, edit, or add events and assignments from a central location. Directions Go to MSU Denver’s Faculty and Staff Hub. Click Canvas in the Teaching & Learning section. Log in to your Canvas Account. […]

Canvas Tools Communication

Create an Announcement in Canvas

Instructors can use Canvas course Announcements to post a message to all of the students in their course. Announcements are an easy way to inform or remind students about course logistics and activities. Additionally, the home page is designed to display the five most recent announcements, so your students can always be kept up-to-date if […]

Canvas Tools Navigating Canvas

Move Courses on the Dashboard

The Dashboard feature in Canvas enables you to view all of your courses in one place. Each course card provides quick links to various sections of the course and provides a visual aid to help you view and organize your courses. While cards are arranged alphabetically by default, you can rearrange the cards to fit […]

Canvas Tools Navigating Canvas

Enable/Disable Items on the Navigation Menu

While the blueprint automatically determines which sections are visible and others invisible by default, you can actually choose what navigation options students see in the course navigation menu. This allows for you to control how students view and navigate the course, removing unnecessary cognitive load associated with students trying to locate the appropriate sections.  Directions […]

Blueprint Canvas Tools Communication Ready Set Go

Use the Syllabus Tool

The Canvas Syllabus is a convenient location to provide a course description, materials list, and other important information. The Syllabus page also includes a calendar and a Course Summary section, which automatically lists assignments and due dates. Directions Go to MSU Denver’s Faculty and Staff Hub. Click Canvas in the Teaching & Learning section. Log in to your Canvas Account. Select the Course you’d […]