How do I share my lead course with other instructors?

Many courses at the university have several sections, taught by several different instructors. Still, we want to create a consistent experience across sections of a course so students all receive a similarly excellent learning experience. There are several ways a department chair or course facilitator can share their lead course, or the relevant content within, […]


Create Pages that are Editable for Students

Pages within Canvas create a visually dynamic and editable place to present your lectures, videos, and content without losing any important context. Pages can be easily placed within modules to create an efficient movement for students from topic to topic. They can also be assigned as a to-do item for students. Typically, pages are static […]


Set up a “Course Team” in Teams

Microsoft Teams is a tool that allows you to easily start a video conference with your students. This can be a helpful way to share important information with all or your students or to conduct 1-on-1 meetings with specific individuals. Teams even has a screen sharing feature that is useful when trying to support your […]

Communication Lectures Videos

Use YuJa to Create and Upload Videos

Sometimes the best way to reach your students is with a video from you, their instructor. Other resources are great, but your presence in the course makes it even more unique and meaningful to the students. One great way to provide your own videos is through recording in YuJa. You can use this tool to […]

Integrated Apps

Use LinkedIn Learning in Your Course

For the most up to date tutorial on using LinkedIn Learning in your course, please see our Canvas Spotlight Incorporate LinkedIn Learning Into Canvas Classes.

Canvas Tools Navigating Canvas

Enable/Disable Items on the Navigation Menu

While the blueprint automatically determines which sections are visible and others invisible by default, you can actually choose what navigation options students see in the course navigation menu. This allows for you to control how students view and navigate the course, removing unnecessary cognitive load associated with students trying to locate the appropriate sections.  Directions […]