How do I share my lead course with other instructors?

Many courses at the university have several sections, taught by several different instructors. Still, we want to create a consistent experience across sections of a course so students all receive a similarly excellent learning experience. There are several ways a department chair or course facilitator can share their lead course, or the relevant content within, […]

Canvas Spotlight

The New and Improved 2021 Canvas Blueprint

The Canvas Blueprint is the basic structure provided for all online course shells, designed to promote consistency and quality at MSU Denver. If you have taught online since we moved to Canvas, then you are likely already familiar with the 2020 version of the Blueprint, which incorporates minimalist navigation to streamline the student experience and […]

Blueprint Readings/Content Ready Set Go

Blueprint: Sample Module Overview

The Blueprint sample module was designed to provide a foundation or organizational structure to customize and use in your course, if you wish. You can edit the Blueprint sample module provided in your new course shell with your own course content to make navigation easy for your students. The sample module includes templates for the […]

Blueprint Ready Set Go

Blueprint: Course Information Module Overview

The Course Information module in the new 2021 Master Blueprint Template is built to house important information for a course. This module in your course will allow information in the syllabus to be drastically reduced to increase readability and make the syllabus page more user-friendly for students. One important change to note in the 2021 […]