Set up a “Course Team” in Teams

Last updated on May 17, 2024

Microsoft Teams is a tool that allows you to easily start a video conference with your students. This can be a helpful way to share important information with all or your students or to conduct 1-on-1 meetings with specific individuals. Teams even has a screen sharing feature that is useful when trying to support your students and answer any questions they may have about navigating course content.


  1. Open the Microsoft Teams app from your computer.
  2. Select the Teams tab on the left side of the screen to open the Teams area.
  3. Click the Join or Create a Team button (which my be in the top right or the bottom left).
  4. Click the Create a Team button.
  5. Select the Class team type (this step may not appear if you are using a Mac).
  6. Type the course name in the Name text area.
  7. Type a description of the course in the Description (optional) text area.
  8. Type the name of a student in the Search for Students text area.
  9. Click the Student’s Name once it appears in the drop-down list to add them to your search list.
  10. Add more Students individually by following steps 8 and 9.
    • Note: It is helpful to have your class roster from Banner to complete this process.
  11. Click the Add button to add all of the students you have selected to the class team.
    1. Note: You can also click on the More Options Menu (three dots) and choose Get Link to Channel. Click the Copy button and email your students the link to invite them into the course.
  12. Click the Close button to complete the process.