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Send Files or Links via Outlook Mobile

This tutorial assumes you have already downloaded the OneDrive and Outlook Apps on your Mobile. If you haven’t, refer to the “Download Outlook for Mobile” tutorial. Directions

Communication Readings/Content

Send Files or Links via Email

Another way to keep your students updated and share important materials and links is through email. You can use your MSU Denver Outlook account to manage email correspondence with your students. Using the file attachment options outlined below, you can share important documents, PowerPoints, readings and links. Directions

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Send Video Links via Email on Mobile

You can share links to videos and other web resources using your MSU Outlook email. If you prefer using your phone to record videos or find other web resources, you can easily share links with your students using the Outlook mobile app. Note: Email services usually have a file size limit, so to send your own […]

Canvas Tools

Integrate Canvas Calendar Feed into Outlook Calendar

The native calendar tool in Canvas will automatically update with due dates you have created for quizzes, assignments, and discussions. This is a helpful tool for tracking and viewing due dates all in one place. You may, however, prefer to use the Outlook calendar, which automatically updates with all your Teams meetings and event invites […]