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Send Video Links via Email on Mobile

Last updated on October 19, 2021

You can share links to videos and other web resources using your MSU Outlook email. If you prefer using your phone to record videos or find other web resources, you can easily share links with your students using the Outlook mobile app.

Note: Email services usually have a file size limit, so to send your own recorded videos, you will need to upload them to OneDrive, Google Drive, YuJa, or another cloud storage location. You can then get a URL to the video and share it through an email as outlined below. This tutorial uses OneDrive for cloud storage.


Method 1 – Send an Email Directly via OneDrive

  1. Open the Location of the video file on your mobile. For example, on a Samsung phone, videos recorded on the phone are located in the Gallery app. From an iPhone, this may be stored in Photos.
  2. Press the Thumbnail Image of the video.
  3. Select the Share option. The Share window will pop open.
  4. Select the Cloud Storage Location where you would like to save the video.
    • Note: Locations could include Google Drive or OneDrive. Email is unable to send large files such as video files, so the video must first be added to a cloud storage location to receive a link. This example uses OneDrive.
  5. Select the Allow option in the popup notification that says “Allow OneDrive to access photos, media, and files on your device?”
    • Note: This notification only appears if you have not previously used OneDrive for video sharing.
  6. Select the Checkmark next to Upload to OneDrive at the top of the screen.
  7. Select More Options Menu (three vertical dots) next to the file name.
  8. Select Share. The Send Link window opens.
  9. Enter the Email Address in the enter a name or email address textbox.
  10. Select Send.

Method 2 – Use the Outlook App

Follow Steps 1-6 above. If you are using OneDrive, continue to step 1 below. If you are using a different platform, copy the URL to the video on that platform (usually by pressing and holding or by tapping “more” or the three vertical dots), and skip to step 5.

  1. Tap where it says Anyone with the Link Can Edit to edit the share settings.
  2. Select Who you would like to grant access to (Anyone with the link, People in MSU Denver, People with existing access, or Specific people).
    • Note: This tutorial will use the People in MSU Denver option.
  3. Check or Uncheck the box to Allow Editing based on whether or not you would like to enable others to edit the file or folder.
  4. Tap Copy Link.
  5. Open the Outlook App.
  6. Select the Create New button in the lower right (this looks like a blue circle with a pencil and a square).
  7. Type the Name or Email Address of a recipient.
  8. Select the Name of the Recipient in the list that pops up to add them.
  9. Repeat Steps 7-8 to continue adding more recipients.
  10. Type a Subject in the subject line.
  11. Tap the Message Area.
  12. Press and hold in the Message Space.
  13. Tap Paste when the option appears.
  14. Tap the Send button in the upper right (this looks like a paper airplane).