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Scan Documents with Adobe Scan Mobile App

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to scan documents and get them into your course, have a look at the Adobe Scan app! Directions Download the Adobe Scan Digital PDF Scanner app to your mobile device. Download it from the Google App Store. Download it from the Apple Store. Open Adobe PDF Scanner and grant access to your camera and photos.  […]

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Send Files or Links via Outlook Mobile

This tutorial assumes you have already downloaded the OneDrive and Outlook Apps on your Mobile. If you haven’t, refer to the “Download Outlook for Mobile” tutorial. Directions Select the Outlook App Icon on your phone or tablet. Verify that you are on the Email Tab  Note: The icons at the bottom let you toggle between email, search, and calendar. Select the Create […]

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Send Video Links via Email on Mobile

You can share links to videos and other web resources using your MSU Outlook email. If you prefer using your phone to record videos or find other web resources, you can easily share links with your students using the Outlook mobile app. Note: Email services usually have a file size limit, so to send your own […]