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Fostering Student Engagement Through Discussion

Sitting alone in a quiet room can help improve your productivity and learning. It is easier to concentrate and compose your thoughts without distraction or interruption; a book or article is easier to comprehend when it’s the only stimulus available. However, this setting also means that you have only your prior knowledge at hand. Your […]


Can I copy a assignment to another course? is a tool in Canvas that allows you and your students to collaboratively annotate a document or webpage. You can copy a Hypothesis assignment to another course just like any other content, but there is one thing to bear in mind: some Hypothesis assignments are dependent on files uploaded to your course, like PDFs. […]

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Set Up Hypothesis Documents and Assignments in Canvas

In your course, you may want students to review a document and annotate it to show their understanding and interpretation of the material. This can be done collaboratively in Canvas through the third-party tool, Hypothesis. This tool enables students to review a PDF or web page, leave annotations and comments on it, and view and […]

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Use Hypothesis for Collaborative Annotations on Documents in Canvas

Create documents that you and your students can annotate together Reading is often an essential pedagogical tool to engage, inform, and empower learning for students. The problem is often, how can you get your students to read more? The time has come to consider using social annotation to promote critical thinking, community, and create a […]

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Use Hypothesis

For the most up to date tutorial on using Hypothesis in your course, please see our Canvas Spotlight Use Hypothesis for Collaborative Annotations on Documents in Canvas.