How do I join a CTLD course development cycle?

The CTLD Instructional Design Group is here to work collaboratively with you to design a new online course, whether synchronous, asynchronous, hybrid, or hyflex! As a participant in one of our course development cycles, we will help you with a wide variety of design processes, including alignment and content support, Open Educational Resource (OER) sourcing […]

Canvas Spotlight Course Showcase

Instructional Media Spotlight

Overview Have you ever sat in a classroom or a Teams call that featured a presentation that was littered with gimmicky transitions and images or graphics that had nothing to do with the content? How about sitting through a 45-minute video lecture that really only had about 15 minutes worth of relevant content? As viewers, […]


Use the Canvas Audio/Video Recorder

Students benefit from opportunities to demonstrate mastery of your course’s content in a variety of mediums. Multimedia submissions are a fantastic way to offer learners the means to do this in a dynamic and personalized way. The Canvas Audio/Video Recorder is a tool students can use to record themselves in order to submit an assignment. […]