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Voiceover PowerPoints

Tools: Yuja and PowerPoint PowerPoint has the potential to be a powerful instructional tool for conveying information and teaching content. However, PowerPoints that live on their own without any context are less useful for learning. PowerPoints are most useful as a supplementary tool alongside input and context from the instructor. It would be tough to […]

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Share a PowerPoint Lecture in the Teams Mobile App

When you are using MS Teams to conduct synchronous lectures, you may need to share your PowerPoint presentation during the meeting. This is also something you can accomplish using the MS Teams mobile app on your phone or tablet, should the need arise. Directions Start a Microsoft Teams Meeting (if you need help installing the Microsoft […]

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Convert Files (PPT, PDF, Word) to Canvas Pages

Using Pages is the best way to distribute material within Canvas. Pages are built to work with web browsers, so they display better and cooperate with multiple platforms (different browsers, different device types, etc.) better than downloadable files. Another advantage is the ability to edit Pages right in Canvas. So if you need to update […]