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Get Started Using Generative AI in Your Course

It seems like higher education has been through a roller coaster over the past several years. The challenges of the pandemic, an explosion in online enrollments, and the transition back to the classroom may have left many educators and students dazed and trying to adapt. Just when there was a chance to catch our breath, […]

Generative AI Tutorials

Use Microsoft Copilot

Generative AI is a powerful new technology with many applications for teaching and learning. However, its daunting for some educators to dive into a novel technology that can be used inappropriately, especially in an educational context. While it might be a little intimidating at first, its well worth exploring, both to see how it can […]

Generative AI Resources

Copilot Example Showcase

Copilot is a versatile generative artificial intelligence product now available to all MSU Denver faculty, staff and students. Built on the popular ChatGPT large language model, it responds conversationally to any prompt the user provides. In this showcase, you’ll find several example videos demonstrating how Copilot can be used for educational purposes. These practical demonstrations […]