How can I add a student to a Canvas course?

Last updated on February 25, 2022

All students registered for a course at MSU Denver are automatically added to your course shell at the beginning of the term. This roster is automatically updated throughout the semester to deactivate students who drop the course or add students who register after the start date. If a student who is registered for the course in Banner does not appear in your Canvas course, please contact IT Services to resolve this issue.

You may want to add a student to your course who is not registered in Banner. Most often, this is to resolve an incomplete grade that the student earned in a preceding semester. You should not add unregistered students to your Canvas course. Students in a Canvas course who are not registered in Banner might be removed automatically by the system that interfaces between the two platforms.

In the event that you need to resolve an Incomplete grade for a student, you should either reopen the actual course the student was registered for or add the student to a Sandbox course and import the relevant course content (you can find in-depth tutorials on both of those processes by clicking the linked text). 

If it is absolutely necessary that a student be added to a course that they were not registered for, you should consult with your department chair and the Office of the Registrar to find a solution.