Use the Whiteboard in MS Teams

Last updated on October 19, 2021

Just as in an in-person classroom, the MS Teams version of a whiteboard enables an instructor to share relevant information dynamically and live rather than as part of a presentation. Using a whiteboard also can encourage student engagement and group activity. In this tutorial, we walk through the process of using the MS Teams whiteboard tool in your MS Teams meetings.


  1. Start a Teams Meeting (if you need help with this step, visit our “Start a Meeting in Teams tutorial“).
  2. Click the Share Screen button (this looks like a square with an arrow).
  3. Click Microsoft Whiteboard to the right.
  4. Select a Tool from the tray along the right side of the meeting window.
    • The four pens can be used as markers by holding the left-click button. Their color and thickness can be changed by double-clicking on them in the toolbar.
    • The highlighter can be used to highlight writing or text.
    • The eraser can be used to erase markings made with pens. It will delete entire strokes.
    • The Add Text and Add Note tools can be used to create text boxes.
    • The Add Shapes or Lines tool can be used to create neat shapes and lines.
  5. Hover Near the Bottom of the screen until your controls appear on the screen.
  6. Click Stop Presenting on the left side of the screen to put the whiteboard away.