Canvas Spotlight Course Showcase

Course Showcase – How to Change the World

By Jennifer Whitton-Trujillo, Tim Wright, Todd Wolfe, and Alex McDaniel In the Fall 2023 development cycle, Innovative and Lifelong Learning (I&LL) and Center for Teaching, Learning and Design (CTLD) decided to use a storytelling and scenario-based approach in designing a self-paced online course to create an innovative and engaging learning experience. Our development team for […]

The Future of the Academy

Aerospace Studies Example

Prompt The Peachtree Airport in Atlanta serves light aircraft. It has a single runway and one air traffic controller to land planes. It takes an airplane 12 minutes to land and clear the runway (following an exponential distribution). Planes arrive at the airport at the rate of one every 15 minutes. The arrival rate follows […]

Architecture Example

Prompt How does traditional Indigenous design contrast and connect to your understanding of architecture and interior design? Give examples of both philosophies. ChatGPT-Generated Response Traditional Indigenous design is based on a deep connection to the natural environment and a reverence for cultural heritage and spirituality. In contrast, Western architecture and interior design have often been […]