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Set Up a ProctorU Exam in Canvas

This tutorial will cover how to set up a ProctorU exam in Canvas, including the browser you will need, the extension for the browser, how to enable ProctorU in Canvas, and how to register the exam. If your unfamiliar with what ProctorU is or want more information before setting it up, please see our Proctor […]

Canvas Tools Quizzes/Tests Self-Help Tutorials

Print a Canvas Quiz

Canvas Quizzes are great tools for assessing students online, but you may want to deliver a Quiz created in Canvas in-person. For instance, you may be teaching a course you usually teach online in a classroom and want to reuse your material. In cases like this, you can print quizzes directly from Canvas to distribute […]


How do I proctor an exam in my course?

Please see our Proctor Online Assessments spotlight.