Disable Meeting Join Notifications in MS Teams

Last updated on October 19, 2021

When a student joins your Team meeting by calling in on their phone, Teams will announce when they enter and leave the meeting. You may find these announcements distracting and prefer to disable them. Doing so is simple, but please ensure that you already have a scheduled meeting in a Team, either recurring or singular, that you’d like to change this setting for.


  1. Open the Teams Application on your computer.
  2. Locate the Meeting that you would like to change the setting for.
  3. Open the Meeting Details page.
    • If the meeting is in a Team, click on the blue bar with the meeting name in the channel.
    • If the meeting is in your Calendar, click on the meeting, then click on edit. If the meeting is recurring, you should choose to Edit Series.
  4. Click Meeting Options in the top-center of the screen.
    • This will open an internet browser window.
  5. Click on the toggle switch to the right of Announce When Callers Join or Leave to disable this setting.
  6. Click Save in the bottom right-hand corner.