Why can’t I see the questions from Classic Quiz question groups when I migrate to New Quizzes?

Last updated on November 21, 2022

New Quizzes currently do not offer the option of “question group” type questions. When you migrate a Classic Quiz with question groups to a New Quiz, the questions within those groups are stored directly in the New Quiz in a quiz-specific item bank. Unfortunately, though you will have a link to the quiz-specific item banks, those questions are not present or editable in the New Quiz.

The workaround to this problem involves converting classic question banks into multiple New Quiz item banks, which is a fairly complicated process at this point. Canvas is currently working on making the conversion from Classic Quiz question banks to New Quiz item banks easier.

In the meantime, we recommend continuing to use Classic Quizzes if you have questions groups within your quizzes or tests. If you prefer to migrate to New Quizzes anyway, please refer to the tutorials listed below.

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