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Send Messages to Students in Canvas Student success in your online course depends on prompt, reliable, and efficient communication with you, their instructor. Fortunately, Canvas gives you an array of messaging tools you can use to keep your students informed and engaged. Understanding these different systems, and the best use-case for each, will help you […]

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Use the Chat Feature in MS Teams to Send Individuals or Small Groups a Message

During an MS Teams meeting, you may need to send a direct chat message to an individual or small group without addressing the entire class or meeting. The following tutorial explains how to do this using your phone or tablet. Directions

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You will likely need to be in contact with your students throughout a course. To help facilitate this, Canvas has included a native messaging system that allows you to contact individuals or whole courses within Canvas. This messaging system functions much the same as your MSU Denver email. Directions Navigate Your Inbox Go to MSU Denver’s Faculty […]