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Get Started with Bing Chat

Bing Chat is a generative AI built with internet search results in mind. Like other language models, it will respond to prompts in a conversational manner. In its responses, it will include links to the websites that it used to generate the information it provides. It works as a search engine that will automatically synthesize […]

Generative AI Tutorials

On this page, you will find tutorials helping you learn about and navigate the exciting world of generative AI. From creating an account, writing prompts, and generating images, there’s a lot to learn, so keep checking back for more content. Get Started


How do I avoid joining a Teams meeting as a “Guest”?

When joining a Teams meeting, you won’t have access to all of the features if you join as a “guest”. This happens when you aren’t logged in with your MSU Denver credentials. Additionally, our support staff won’t be able to help you in virtual drop-in support if you aren’t logged in properly. You can follow […]

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Use the Chat Feature in MS Teams to Send Individuals or Small Groups a Message

During an MS Teams meeting, you may need to send a direct chat message to an individual or small group without addressing the entire class or meeting. The following tutorial explains how to do this using your phone or tablet. Directions