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Course Showcase – SED 4100 – Including Students with Significant Support Needs

Incorporating UDL Principles At MSU Denver, we prioritize providing positive classroom experiences to all students. MSU Denver offers a variety of supports to help us create course materials that are accessible, such as content that can be ready by screen readers and videos that include closed captions. In addition to students with hearing or sight […]


How do I avoid joining a Teams meeting as a “Guest”?

When joining a Teams meeting, you won’t have access to all of the features if you join as a “guest”. This happens when you aren’t logged in with your MSU Denver credentials. Additionally, our support staff won’t be able to help you in virtual drop-in support if you aren’t logged in properly. You can follow […]

Canvas Spotlight

CTLD Support Services at a Glance

Need help? Simply put, that’s what we are here for. CTLD is the one stop shop for all of your teaching and learning needs. Staying up to date on the various instructional techniques, theories, tools, technology, and best practices is an important aspect of being an effective educator. Looking for help setting up your course […]