Communication Self-Help Tutorials

Download and Install MS Teams

Last updated on April 29, 2024

Microsoft Teams is the institutionally-recommended software for hosting live, virtual meetings. You can use MS Teams for virtual class meetings, one-off lectures, meetings with your colleagues, and much more. 

MS Teams has both an application for your computer and a version that runs in your web browser. Because the application is more stable and less prone to malfunction, CTLD always recommends that instructors use this version. This tutorial will guide you through the process of downloading and installing the application on your computer.


On a University-Issued Computer

  1. Open the Self Service/Software Center application on your computer.
    • On a MacOS device, you can find the Self-Service app by opening Launchpad in the dock and typing Self Service in the search bar at the top of the screen.
    • On a Windows device, type Software Center in the search bar next to the Start Menu in the bottom left of the screen and select the Self Service app in the results window.
  2. Search for Microsoft Teams.
  3. Click Install in the Microsoft Teams box that appears in the results.
    • It will take some time to install (generally a couple minutes).
  4. Open the Microsoft Teams application.
    • Follow the same directions for opening Self-Service or Software Center in Step 1 to open Microsoft Teams.
  5. Sign-in with your MSU Denver SSO (single sign-on) credentials.

On a Personal Computer

  1. Open your Internet Browser (i.e. Chrome, Safari, Edge, etc.).
  2. Enter in the address bar (or just click on the link).
  3. Click Download for Desktop on the left-hand side of the page.
  4. Click Download Teams in the center of the page.
  5. Open the Installer that was downloaded to your computer
    • This installer is called Teams_osx.pkg for MacOS systems and Teams_windows_x64.exe for Windows systems.
    • Depending on your browser, this installer may appear at the bottom of the browser window. If not, go to the Downloads folder on your computer and find it there. It should be the most recent item downloaded.
  6. Follow the Instructions in the installer.
    • Once the installer is finished, MS Teams will be installed on your computer and will open automatically.
  7. Sign-in with your MSU Denver SSO (single sign-on) credentials.