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How do I submit final grades?

Last updated on May 7, 2024

At the end of each semester, you will need to formally submit the final grade each student in your class earned, for each class you taught. The gradebook in Canvas is an effective tool for tracking student grades, but once the class has concluded, you will need to enter that data into Banner, the data-management software used by MSU Denver. You can log into Banner by going to, clicking on Faculty Services, then on Final Grade Entry, and then entering grade information. 

Note: Remember to check the MSUD Academic Calendar for when grades must be submitted.

If you have questions about the overall process of submitting grades, or other Banner related systems, your best resource is your department chair; they will be able to best instruct you on the process. If you’re having trouble logging into Banner with your MSU Denver SSO credentials, you can request assistance from IT Services (we recommend using the ticket form for Login Support).