Create an Email List for Your Canvas Course

Last updated on June 18, 2024

Canvas has a robust messaging system built into the LMS, but if you prefer to communicate with your students via email, you can use Canvas to generate an email list. You can do this by exporting your gradebook as a spreadsheet and then copying all of the emails at once. This process also excludes students who have withdrawn from the course and are marked Inactive in the People menu.


  1. Go to MSU Denver’s Faculty and Staff Hub.
  2. Click Canvas in the Teaching & Learning section.
  3. Log in to your Canvas Account.
  4. Select the Course you’d like to work in.
  5. Click Grades in the left-hand course navigation menu.
  6. Click Actions in the top left-hand corner of the page.
  7. Click Export Entire Gradebook in the drop-down menu.
    • Note: Export Gradebook now has its own tab on the top right of the toolbar.
    • A .csv file (spreadsheet) will begin downloading to your computer.
  8. Open the Downloads folder on your computer.
  9. Open the Gradebook Export in any spreadsheet editing software, like Microsoft Excel.
    • All of your students’ email addresses will be listed under the SIS Login ID column.
  10. Click and drag to select all of the Email Addresses at once.
  11. Copy the Email Addresses.
  12. Open Outlook, either on the web at or through an installed app.
  13. Create a New Message.
  14. Paste the Email addresses into the To field.