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CTLD Course Development Cycle

Last updated on November 21, 2022

Do you want to design a new course, whether synchronous, asynchronous, hybrid, or hyflex? How about revamping a course you’ve already designed to improve functionality and accessibility? Have you been looking for some collaboration on best practices and tools to ensure your course meets your goals and the university’s pedagogical standards?

The CTLD Instructional Design Group is here to work collaboratively with you! As a participant in one of our course development cycles, we will help you with a wide variety of design processes, including alignment and content support, Open Educational Resource (OER) sourcing and implementation, instructional media support, assessment design, and accessibility remediation, and much more. 

There are two design cycles each year, roughly a semester long each. During each cycle, you will work with your dedicated design team to identify course objectives, develop learning activities, create a user-friendly course, record high-quality multimedia content, and much more. After the cycle completes, you’ll have access to ongoing instructional design support specialists who will provide help and advice for refining and delivering your course in the semesters ahead.

The course development cycle is intensive, but very rewarding. You’ll leave the cycle with a course that you can be sure is comprehensive, accessible, and meets rigorous standards for excellence. You’ll also receive a significant stipend as compensation for the time you spend working on your course. All of this is in addition to the skills and knowledge you’ll develop and sharpen in instructional design, ultimately benefiting all of the students you teach.


How do I join a CTLD course development cycle?

  • The Office of Online Learning reviews institutional priorities for course development and schedules courses within our two course development cycles. In addition to these identified courses, requests are welcome and can be submitted to the Office of Online Learning for consideration.
  • For more information, please contact:

What are some of the services CTLD offers?

  • Alignment and content support – The ID team will help you establish course- and module-level learning objectives and course content that will support those objectives.
  • OER sourcing and implementation – OERs are great resources for your students, and we can help you find, create, and implement OERs successfully in your course.
  • Instructional media support – Our instructional media experts will work with you to plan out media content for your course and record it in our multimedia studio
  • Assessment design – Assessing your students’ mastery of the learning objectives is a critical feature of any course, and we will help design assessments that do so effectively.
  • Accessibility review – CTLD will thoroughly review your course and all of your instructional materials to ensure that they comply with accessibility requirements and follow best practices.

What responsibilities should I expect during a development cycle?

  • Your expertise and vision for your course are essential, and you should expect to spend about 100 hours over the course of the cycle developing content, establishing learning objectives, recording multimedia, creating assessment, and more.
  • As the subject matter expert, you will work closely with a dedicated instructional design team, meeting with them weekly to discuss, review, plan, and create your course.
  • Included in your course design project is the opportunity to record videos that introduce you and your course, prime students for module content, deliver lectures, and much more.

For more detail on our Course Development Cycle, please review the following pages: